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How To know Paravar pakhsh company?

Training courses

continuous training courses in terms of theory and practice are held for all the staff at Paravar.


Any big or small grocery, retailer, hotel, seasonal market, restaurants, catering etc. is our target customer who are visited regularly and delivered in less than 48 hours. .


Paravar also produces his own brands in different categories such as Conserves, Honey, Baking powder and Compotes.

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Brands in distribution portfolio


Commercial Paravar Group

Pravor has always been a pioneer in using day technology to accelerate the distribution process

our services

Our goal is to grow your business!

Modern Distributing

Paravar has been always the pioneer in updating its distribution systems.


Paravar is also distributing its own brands which are produced at Paravar manufacturing sites.


We try to take care of our staff as much as possible for being happy and effective at work.




Paravar holds training courses in a particular department, specially for the sales team to be updated with new changes and methods.

Distributing Methods

We are using the latest technology in our distributing systems which helps us cover the region more than before.


Paravar always tries to keep his customers' satisfaction to be able to save the mutual connections for a better long-term business.


Paravar Sales Team<


team work 06

Mr. Erfan Natanzian

Export Manager
team work 06

Mr.Sadeq Natanzian

Training & Consultancy Department Director
team work 06

Mr. Hadi Tavakol

Branch Manager
team work 06

Mr. Mohammad Sokhani

Sales Supervisor
team work 06

Mr. Amin Mousavi

Sales Supervisor
team work 06

Mr. Mohammad Ekhtiari

Sales Supervisor
team work 06

Mr. Ehsan Haghani

Sales Superviso
team work 06

Mr. Hadi Taheri

َArea Manager
team work 06

Mr. Mahdi Jabbari

Area Manager
team work 06

Mr. Kahvand

Branch Manager
team work 06

Mr. Bekrani

Sales Supervisor
team work 06

Mr. Iran Nezhad

Branch Manager

Paravar Group

Unit 6. no. 13
9th alley Miremad st
Motahary ave
Tehran Iran

Postal Code: 1587737517

Phone: +9821- 88547047-9